UK Laundry Market Size

How big is the UK laundry market?

Whether the sight of a freshly folded pile of laundry fills you with joy or just the thought of tackling... …

How does dry cleaning work
Laundry Tips

How does dry cleaning work?

It is no secret that dry cleaning leaves your garments as good as new, but have you ever been left... …


Least Stressful Cities Index 2021

Least Stressful Cities to Visit Worldwide 2021 Most people see city breaks as a contrast to beach holidays. On the... …

Home Hacks, Research

‘How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?’ And Other Laundry Questions

Searches for how to wash everything from sheets and shirts to cats and dogs hit the thousands on Google every... …


Most Engaging Celebrities of 2020

Most Engaging Celebrities of 2020 An analysis of social media engagement with images of celebrities in the last year We... …


The real cost of washing your clothes

How long do you spend doing the washing? While we may think that laundry isn’t the most taxing chore around... …

Home Hacks

Quick Hacks to Freshen Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Even though we’re not going out as often as usual this year, the changing of the seasons means many of... …

Home Hacks

Why You Need to Make Your Bed in the Morning

With the coronavirus pandemic confining many of us to our homes for extended periods of time and leaving many without... …

Laundry Tips

An Expert’s Take on Viral Laundry Trends

TikTok is taking over. The social media platform has seen a huge increase in its user base during 2020, with... …


The Average Lifetime of a Washing Machine

Our washing machines go through a lot in their lifetimes. Whether they’re banging around our dirty trainers or shrinking our... …


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