Will dry cleaning remove cigarette smell?
Laundry Tips

Will dry cleaning remove cigarette smell?

If you have ever tried to remove the smell of cigarettes from your clothing or household fabrics, you will be... …

How does dry cleaning work
Laundry Tips

How does dry cleaning work?

It is no secret that dry cleaning leaves your garments as good as new, but have you ever been left... …

Expert’s Take on Viral Laundry Trends
Laundry Tips

An Expert’s Take on Viral Laundry Trends

TikTok is taking over. The social media platform has seen a huge increase in its user base during 2020, with... …

Laundry Tips

20% off all laundry and dry cleaning

Love2Laundry update and offer 20% off all laundry and dry cleaning using code: STAYALERT20 We hope you and your loved... …

Infographics, Home Hacks, Laundry Tips

Laundry Lowdown – The Beginner’s Guide

Stay in the loop with how to perfect your weekly clothing wash with our laundry lowdown. The infographic below details... …

Iconic laundrette moments
Laundry Tips,

17 Iconic Laundrette Moments From The Media

What exactly is it about the local laundrette that leads to important conversations, life plans, and even moments of love?... …

Laundry Tips

How Often Brits Do Laundry: The Survey Report

On December 5th, 2017, Love2laundry published an article on ‘when to wash everything you own.’ After servicing thousands of clients... …

Common laundry myths
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7 Common Laundry Myths Debunked

When it comes to laundry and washing machine dilemmas, we’re all after the quickest (and probably cheapest) method to solve... …


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