Can you dry clean at home

Can you dry clean at home?

Have you ever wondered, 'can you dry clean at home'? Whilst some home hacks allow you to use different methods... …

Online Laundry

The Rise of Online Laundry After Covid-19

When you think of Covid-19, online laundry may not come to mind initially, but let us tell you, it is... …

Which is the best laundry app?

Which is the best laundry app?

Would eliminating time spent on laundry and only strategically wearing your favourite clothing so that you never have the dreaded,... …

UK Laundry Market Size

How big is the UK laundry market?

Whether the sight of a freshly folded pile of laundry fills you with joy or just the thought of tackling... …

Least Stressful Cities

Least Stressful Cities Index 2021

Least Stressful Cities to Visit Worldwide 2021 Most people see city breaks as a contrast to beach holidays. On the... …

How Often Should You Wash your clothes
Home Hacks, Research

‘How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?’ And Other Laundry Questions

Searches for how to wash everything from sheets and shirts to cats and dogs hit the thousands on Google every... …

Most Engaging Celebrities of 2020

Most Engaging Celebrities of 2020

Most Engaging Celebrities of 2020 An analysis of social media engagement with images of celebrities in the last year We... …

how to clean

“How to clean…”

"How to Clean...?" A Report on Lockdown Cleaning Lockdown is definitely getting to us. From Tik Tok trends to baking... …

love island

Love Island Influencer Value

Love Island Influencer Value What to expect after the winter season The point of Love Island is for contestants to... …

When do we clean everything we own?

85% More Men Leave Their Sheets Longer Than 6 Months (UK Survey)

How clean do you think you are? There isn’t usually a universal understanding of when the best time to clean... …


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