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How Long Do Laundry Machines Take

Cleaning clothes isn’t a two minute process, for a deep clean that eradicates bacteria, stains and odours, certain kinds of washes need to take place, depending on the fabric. So with that in mind, how long do laundry machines take?

In this blog, we will be addressing key points, and additional information worth considering when it comes to answering the question ‘How long do laundry machines take?’

As a renowned and established service in personal and laundry services, we are extremely proud to offer a range of services to make your life easier. Whether you’re struggling to find the time, or suffering from physical issues, our services are here to make your life easier.

We provide laundry services, ironing services and dry cleaning, and more. Whether it’s a delicate piece of clothing or your sweaty gym gear, or even if you have commercial laundry needs, we have all the right solutions to clean your items in the best way for them.

What is a ‘laundry machine’?

What is a ‘laundry machine’?

A laundry machine is a relatively unknown term that generally refers to any mechanical device that specialises in the cleaning of items such as clothing, bedsheets, cloths, and other materials. Examples of ‘laundry machines’ are…

  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Washer Dryers

Washing machines use water, heat and a spinning perforated drum in order to clean a large variety of clothing. They are used in conjunction with detergent and conditioner in order to remove stains, ensure bacteria is eradicated, and to create a soft feel on the clothing.

Dryers, as the name suggests, are primarily for the use of drying clothes that have been washed. They again make use of a perforated spinning drum, but no water. Any heat removedf from the clothing is expelled through a vent, or collected in a tank which must be emptied.

Washer dryers are a combination of the two machines. This prevents having to use two machines for one wash, although it has a reduced capacity, they can be effective.

Is handwashing clothes still a good option?

There may be certain items that require a handwash, but in general, handwashing clothes is nowhere near as effective as using a machine to clean it. This is for a few reasons including…

  • Handwashing items reduces you to using a certain temperature so you don’t get burned, whilst you may actually require a hotter temperature for an effective clean on the item.
  • Handwashing clothes one by one can take an excessively long time, and any mistakes can result in you damaging the item.
  • The use of detergent and conditioner is not adequate for anybody washing items by hand. In some cases, the chemicals can have an adverse reaction on your skin. In other cases, you may struggle to get the chemicals to activate properly due to using the incorrect temperature, or intensity of washing.

How long do laundry machines take?

How long do laundry machines take?

Laundry machines, especially modern units, will vary significantly on the amount of time they take for a cycle to complete. Some machines have a 15 minute quick wash available, whilst also having cycles that can last more than an hour. Here are the factors that affect each machine.

  • Weight: Most modern laundry machines are able to weigh the load in the drum and use the information to add/reduce time on the cycle being used.
  • The cycle: Almost all washing machines have a variety of cycles available. Cycles essentially refer to the process the washing machine will undergo to clean certain kinds of clothes or fabrics. The corresponding cycle for the items you decide to clean follow a particular pattern, and generally have their own preset settings when it comes to temperature, spin speed, usage of steam, and more.
  • Additional settings: If you have already selected a cycle, but decide to alter the spin speed, or temperature, or other settings, it could alter the speed of the wash. Usually, increasing spin speed or temperature can result in a longer wash.
  • The age of the machine: Older machines generally will take longer, simply because they were optomised for the time that they were released. As modern machines come into play, they are generally optomised to be as quick and energy efficient as possible.
  • What/how much you are washing: Unfortunately, you can’t just throw all of your clothes in one wash, especially if they are different colours and materials. Cleaning certain items in the wrong setting can lead to colours fading, degradation of the fabric and more.

To combat this, organising what will be cleaned before cleaning them is the best option. However, this will usually take more than one wash depending on how regularly you clean your clothes, and of course, this will take longer to finish.

What is the best way to clean clothes?

One of the best ways to clean clothes is by using a mobile laundry service such as Love2Laundry. Here are some of the many benefits you can experience by using a recognised service like ours…

  • Your clothes/items are organised, we aim to clean your items in the right way, that means taking the stress of organising washes out of your hands!
  • Our service allows for you to choose when your laundry is collected by us, and where it can be returned, saving you the hassle of a trip. This can be extremely helpful for busy working professionals, for example.
  • Our expert staff ensure that your clothes are cleaned accordingly, this means certain fabrics get the treatment they need!
  • Our industrial grade washing machines and cleaning equipment ensures the best possible wash.

Can I dry clean my clothes in a dryer?

No. Dry cleaning clothes are best suited for a dry cleaning service. The potential for things to go wrong when cleaning a dry-clean-only garment in a dryer, or washer dryer is quite high, especially if you can’t monitor it.

Luckily, Love2Laundry also deals with dry clean only clothes too! Covering all the bases you need when it comes to cleaning clothes and other items.

How to easily book a laundry service

Love2Laundry’s signature laundry service is a lifesaver for our users, whether it is for personal or commercial use. Our process is extremely simple and can be explained in four steps.

  1. Head to our website or app, and place your order. Your order includes a date and time you would like us to collect your items.
  2. We collect your items at the designated time
  3. We clean your items, and can also dry and iron them, depending on the service you opt for.
  4. We return your items to you. Orders are always aimed to be delivered within 24 hours.

Use a laundry service today

Use a laundry service today

At Love2Laundry, we believe in the valuable services laundrettes and ironing, and cleaning services can offer, that’s why we dedicate our service to making your clothes clean, long-lasting, fresh and uncreased.

There are plenty of great hacks online that will make it possible to treat certain items that need dry cleaning, washing, or ironing. But without the professional products, services, and tools offered by a laundrette or ironing service, it may be difficult to consistently get the results you are supposed to have.

We are proud that we offer competitively priced services for you to achieve a perfect finish for your items for an affordable cost and a fraction of the time.

In this blog, we hope to have shown you vital information to help you understand how long laundry machines take. Want to know how we can help you today? You can see our full price list or contact our friendly team to find out more about our services.

For further cleaning facts, our blog has a diverse selection of topics related to laundry and ironing.

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