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How Technology Is Making Household Chores Easier

Transform your household chores with technology

Did you know that more time is spent using technology than sleeping? Although that’s quite an alarming statement, technology is helping to make our daily chores and day-to-day lives more organised, more time-efficient and just easier all round. Although technology can’t physically walk around the supermarket and decide what’s for tea for you… it’s pretty close! There are now plenty of chore management apps out there for adults, tweens, families, roommates and more. With today’s booming digital world, there are also many companies out there that can provide chore services to help make your life that little bit easier.

Tired of doing chores?

With ironing, cleaning the house, taking out the bins and washing up amongst some of the most disliked household chores, there are apps to take care of your daily to-do list. Whether it’s remembering to pick up a loaf of bread and milk, putting the washing on after work, booking those holiday flights or remembering to turn up to that beauty treatment you booked on impulse, it’s time to get organised!

How many household chores could you automate?

The infographic below, designed by Love2Laundry, outlines some of the most common daily chores that you could now automate with technology and the benefits of doing so. There’s a comparison between some of the most liked household chores versus some of the most disliked, a list of daily to-do’s that you could use an app for, as well as a pretty cool chart which analyses the products bought or ordered online by age group. These are categorised between physical goods, products downloaded, travel arrangements and other services.

So what are you waiting for? Thankfully the latest developments in technology have catered to the area that needed it the most – household chores. Discover how some of your daily chores such as running errands, grocery shopping, remembering your to-do list, dishwashing, house cleaning, and even driving can become automated!

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How technology is making daily chores easier

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