Love2Laundry vs Ihateironing
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Love2Laundry vs Ihateironing

Laundry services are becoming ever more popular and needed. So who do you go to? Which one works best for you? It can be difficult to find and compare the right information that can help you make an informed decision, that’s why we are here to help.

In this blog, we will be addressing key points, and additional information worth considering when it comes to Love2Laundry vs Ihateironing.

As a renowned and established service in personal and laundry services, we are extremely proud to offer a range of services to make your life easier. Whether you’re struggling to find the time, or suffering from physical issues, our services are here to make your life easier.

We provide laundry services, ironing services and dry cleaning, and more. Whether it’s a delicate piece of clothing or your sweaty gym gear, or even if you have commercial laundry needs, we have all the right solutions to clean your items in the best way for them.

Should you outsource your laundry?

Yes. Although not everyone has to, or even needs to outsource their laundry, it can actually prove to be a benefit for everyone. Personal services can save you time, money, and help to reduce your carbon footprint, simply because loads are cleaned together, preventing all the individual washes that would have taken place otherwise.

Of course, a personal laundry service has a good chance of removing those stubborn stains that you may have struggled to clean away. Aside from this, a clinical, correct clean of clothes ensures a longer lifespan for them. Meaning your favourite outfit will still look, and most importantly, feel fresh, for many occasions to come.

Love2Laundry vs Ihateironing

Love2Laundry vs Ihateironing

It can be argued that Love2Laundry and Ihateironing have very similar services, which they do. However, there are key differences between the two that can help you decide which service is the right one for you.

Love2Laundry is the cheaper option when it comes to the cost of a 6 kg load, this represents valuable savings that you can use in other areas. With that being said, Ihateironing also has the option of individual prices per item, which can vary depending on the service, this is ideal for anyone in need of one specific item needing to be cleaned or repaired.

In terms of pickup/drop-off locations, Love2Laundry operates in and around London, Oxford, Birmingham, Bury, Bolton and Manchester, and internationally too. On the other hand, Ihateironing is focused on the Greater London area.

Ihateironing presents the impression of a bespoke service that individually treats each item meticulously, ranging from furniture, to clothing, specialist items and more. When you also consider its repair and restoration services, it’s fair to say that for anyone in need of a specialist service in the London area, this is a credible option.

For those further afield, and even those in the London area, Love2Laundry presents no compromise on the quality of our services, despite the lower price threshold. With services including ironing and steaming, dry-cleaning and more with a 24-hour service, Love2Laundry is the people’s choice.

And don’t just take our word for it, you can read thousands of reviews from our satisfied customers.

How to decide between laundry services

There are simple steps you can take to understand which service is best for you, without ever having to spend a penny, all it requires is a bit of time. Through your research, aim to answer the following questions to find the best service for you.

  • How are you handled?: Customer service is key. Even the best businesses in the world are nothing without a good relationship with their customer base. One of the best ways to understand what to expect is getting in contact. Whether that’s email or phone, seeing how you are treated when you are only a potential customer is an indication of the care provided by the service.
  • What does the review say?: Reviews may sometimes be marred with personal gripes, or on some occasions, overly critical judgments with little context. But even with bad reviews, there is sometimes a chance for the business to respond publicly, if their response is one of reconciliation, and a willingness to resolve, that’s a good sign.

As a rule of thumb, the more reviews, the more customer journeys you get to see, and if there is an overwhelmingly negative consensus, it’s a sign to look elsewhere.

  • Is the quote worth it?: Put simply, you want the best value for money. If you find the level of services, customer experience and customer reviews to be of a standard you are happy with, you should begin the process of obtaining a quote. With the aforementioned services, you should be able to find a quote calculator on their respective websites.
  • Does the time and place work?: Which service works best for you regarding pick up and drop off timings? Or the time taken to clean your garments/items? Some services are limited in the locations they operate in, whilst others can be overbooked with work, leaving you with windows that may not work with your schedule.

How to use an ironing service

How to use an ironing service

It can be difficult to be able to find someone who offers such a niche service as ironing clothes for you, but as of 2020, services for laundry and ironing services have seen an increase. We at Love2laundry are the key to helping you find ironing and pressing services, we collect and deliver for you!  All you need to do is choose.

Here is how our ironing and pressing service works:

  1. Order online or from our mobile app (iPhone or Android).
  2. Book a time and place for us to collect your garments and fabrics
  3. We have them professionally ironed and pressed for you
  4. We will then return your clean clothes to you.

Visit our website here to find out more about our ironing service.

See our laundry and dry cleaning and ironing services to find out all the ways we can make your life easier.

Benefits of using an ironing service

Outsourcing your ironing to an ironing service has numerous benefits, including:

–       Saves time for you to focus on your priorities rather than clothing organisation.

  • An ironing service is perfect for busy families, children require a lot of attention and time, and we are able to let you have that time whilst dealing with the little details.
  • An ironing service is also perfect if you work as a cleaner, nanny, personal assistant or au pair. It means you can get your employer’s items professionally ironed, so you won’t have to do the ironing yourself.

How to find the best laundry service

How to find the best laundry service

At Love2Laundry, we believe in the valuable services laundrettes and ironing, and cleaning services can offer, that’s why we dedicate our service to making your clothes clean, long-lasting, fresh and uncreased.

There are plenty of great hacks online that will make it possible to treat certain items that need dry cleaning, washing, or ironing. But without the professional products, services, and tools offered by a laundrette or ironing service, it may be difficult to consistently get the results you are supposed to have.

We are proud that we offer competitively priced services for you to achieve a perfect finish for your items for an affordable cost and a fraction of the time.

In this blog, we hope to have shown you vital information to help you decide between Love2laundry vs Ihateironing. Want to know how we can help you today? You can see our full price list or contact our friendly team to find out more about our services.

For further cleaning facts, our blog has a diverse selection of topics related to laundry and ironing.

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