What Are the Benefits of an Ironing Service?
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What Are the Benefits of an Ironing Service?

If you are in the category of the 50% of Brts who HATE ironing, the idea of service to do the chore for you is likely to be music to your ears! The task of ironing will not just disappear as it forms a cycle of wear, wash and repeat that we all live our lives by.

An ironing service is outsourcing the chore to professionals, so you have one less thing to deal with.

Keep reading to find out the benefits of a laundry service, the average pricing, and details about our service. We guarantee by the end, you will be wanting to book an ironing service!

What Is An Ironing Service?

Ironing services are professional companies you can send creased items to for a complete treatment. Often available to commercial and domestic clients, not all laundry services include ironing, so it is seen as more of a specialist service.

You may also find that ironing services can relate to two forms of ironing methods: a professional visiting your home to do the chore and sending items away for treatment in a third-party location. Ironing services are a great way of alleviating an essential chore from your job list and ensuring households can run smoothly with the issue of not having something to wear, a thing of the past.

What Advantages Are There To Using An Ironing Service?

What Advantages Are There To Using An Ironing Service?

Now, for the reason you have clicked on this blog, the benefits of choosing a professional ironing service! With 74% of Brits saying they often feel overwhelmed, removing just one chore can make a difference.

Below are the advantages you can benefit from if you select an ironing service to support you.

Save time and effort. One of the main reasons that people dislike ironing is that it takes time to perfect the best finish. If the task is rushed, not only do items look poorly presented, but damage can occur. Outsourcing to an ironing service means you only have to spend time booking the service and then hanging your clothes up once they are returned!

Clothing and other fabrics can last for longer. Professional ironing is also convenient for your calendar and bank balance as it reduces the chance of items needing to be replaced before their time. This is because ironing works to remove creases by setting the clothing fibres into their intended position. As well as creating a perfect finish, this also means fabrics can remain stronger for longer.

Quality results every time. Ironing services, such as our own, employ only the best laundry professionals. Furthermore, they use professional tools and have experience with various fabrics and items, guaranteeing a brilliant result. Ironing services can get the job done whether you have deep-set shirt creases or delicate garments.

Reduce stress levels. Whilst some people find ironing relaxing, for many, the mounting pile of creased clothing can lead to upset and the search for whether there are alternatives to ironing. Whether the task itselfit’s causes stress or the side effects of not staying on top of the chore, an ironing service can remove all negativity around the task.

Remove bad smells and germs. Another benefit of ironing services is that the higher level of finish is ideal for removing bad odours and bacteria from clothing. While this is possible at home, the quick brush over with iron many opt for is not enough to treat clothing nasties. Professional ironing services use the optimal tools and equipment to ensure clothing doesn’t just look the part but also feels it.

Restore the shape of clothing. An ironing service also gives you the best chance of restoring clothing to its intended shape if shrinking or stretching has occurred.

Outsource the ironing of larger and tricky-to-treat items. If you have ever tried ironing a large item, like curtains, or something difficult, like a pleated skirt, you will know the task isn’t always as simple as it may seem. To save you from causing damage to items, an ironing service is a brilliant solution, as the experts are well-trained in dealing with all forms of fabric laundry. They also have the right tools for the job, as a traditional iron and board will not always be the best way to remove creases from an item.

Cost-effect solution. In the UK, ironing can cost anywhere from £12 – £18 per hour. You may read this and consider it an additional expense, but it’s important to consider that you are already spending on the chore at home. By adding up utilities, equipment, and ironing products such as fabric sprays, you can easily see that the option of outsourcing ironing is not too different from what your budget already extends. When time and convenience are factored in, the decision may be made for you!

Ideal for all households. Lastly is the fact that ironing services offer benefits for all household types. From single professionals to large families, everyone has ironing to complete. Ironing services charge per item or weight, meaning you can pay fairly for a service relevant to any lifestyle.

Why Should You Choose The Love2Laundry Ironing Service?

As well as benefiting from all of the above, when you select Love2Laundry there are even more advantages to using our ironing services!


We use electric vehicles, eco-friendly cleaning products and energy-efficient tools to ensure we are leaving the planet in a better way than how we found it. As well as having a clean conscience when using our service, you can reduce your household carbon footprint by eliminating this laundry chore.

Mobile Service

Our ironing services are mobile, meaning you don’t even have to leave the house to complete the chore. Simply book online and let us know where to collect from and return to. Not only is this handy if you are short on time, but it also means people who don’t drive are not limited to the services on offer.

Competitive Pricing

We offer price per item, bag and weight to ensure an affordable solution is available for everyone. All of our pricing is also created with the client in mind meaning we charge the same for all locations.

Expert Team

Are you perplexed by how to iron creases out of trousers or remove wrinkles from curtains? If so you are not alone as ironing can be a complex task that often takes lots of practice to perfect. We employ the best professionals to ensure no ironing task is outside of their skill set. We also are proud to offer an extremely popular service which means our team has loads of experience in ironing all types of laundry. If anything, they love a good test!

How Do Love2Laundry’s Ironing Services Work?

How Do Love2Laundry’s Ironing Services Work?

If you are now convinced after learning about the benefits of ironing services that this is the option for you, it’s time to make your first booking.

This can be done by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit our website and choose your ironing service. You can select either ‘iron only’, dry cleaning, which includes finishing, or some of our laundry bundles that include all stages.
  2. Choose your collection time. This can be from anywhere in or around London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bolton, Bury, or Oxford. You could even have your items collected from work if you are busy and unable to be home!
  3. You must also choose a return date and time to ensure our team knows when you need your ironed items back.
  4. Our team then sorts items and iron depending on garment needs.
  5. All items are then quality checked to ensure a perfectly pressed finish has been achieved.
  6. Items are then returned at your chosen time in a ready-to-wear state. All you need to do is hang or put your items away!

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