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Service for Airbnb Hosts

Hotel Quality Linen Cleaning Service in London

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What we offer

Bed linen and towels

Bed linen & towels

We offer a complete range of sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and towels that will be remembered by guests long after checking out as the pinnacle of softness and feel.

Bedrooms sets Single set Double set King set
Bed sheet 1 1 1
Duvet cover 1 1 1
Pillow case 2 4 4
Large bath towel 1 2 2
Hand towel 1 2 2

We also offer bath mats, kitchen cloths and more.



Our hotel-grade toiletries set includes all the essentials that your guests need.

Shampoo 2 x 30ml
Shower gel 2 x 30ml
Body lotion 2 x 30ml
Conditioner 2 x 30ml
Body soap 2
Hand soap 1

We also offer bath mats, kitchen cloths and more.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Made Easy

How Love2Laundry Works

We deliver on demand bed linen and towels for your guests



Simply book a delivery for a convenient time to any address in London and with the items you need.



We deliver exactly when you need it within a 2-hour slot. For instance, you can schedule a delivery when your cleaner is at the flat.



Receive 5-star reviews with our no-effort service. Exceed customer expectations, and get more bookings by being a Superhost


Check Out our Prices

Our prices are simple and affordable which are easy on the pocket in comparison with high street prices.

Save money on linen hire with our same day turnaround on freshly cleaned bed linen.

Single Bed Set
Bed Set
Starting From
Double Bed Set
Bed Set
Starting From
King Bed Set
Bed Set
Starting From
Wash, Dry, Fold
Starting From
Per Hour

Professional Clean Linen Services In London

In need of laundry and clean linen services in London? Love2Laundry collects your dirty washing from wherever you are in London at your chosen time. We make sure your garments are cleaned, ironed and folded or hung up and we then deliver them to your Airbnb business. All within the same day!

We provide a one-stop shop for Airbnb cleaning solutions taking care of pillow cases, duvet covers, hand towels, bath towels and bed sheets plus anything else in between.

Linen Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Cushion Cleaning
Towel Cleaning
Curtain Cleaning
Clothing Cleaning

Our Services & Prices

Full set of bed
linen & towels

Single, double and king sets of linen and towels

from £10.00 + VAT per set
Top Quality Guarantee


Our hotel-grade toiletries set includes all the essentials that your guests need.

from £2.00 + VAT per set
Top Quality Guarantee

Extra items

We also offer bath mats, kitchen cloths, toilet paper and other home essentials.

from £1.00 + VAT per set
Top Quality Guarantee

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