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With all our membership options, you are guaranteed to make a saving on each order versus placing orders outside of the scheme. Perfect, even if you only have a few items that need the service, we want to ensure that every one of our customers is getting the best value for money by signing up for our loyalty program.

You are also not just limited to one wash a week when using our unlimited membership. We know that despite best intentions, sometimes a laundry load appears unexpectedly. Having a Love2Laundry subscription means you never need to feel overwhelmed by the overflowing laundry basket. You can use our service as often as needed and whenever a new load of laundry appears, thanks to our assured flexibility. As our service does not just include laundry but also other household items, this is also perfect if you want to tackle your chores at different times. By eliminating the need to wash schedule and wait for sunny days to be able to dry your clothing outside, our service makes your life that bit easier.

Both of our packages also benefit from having no service or delivery fee. Helping you keep track of your household spending; we make it possible for you to only spend once for complete support throughout the month. Thanks to this membership benefit, you will also not have to deal with rising fees when you make the most of our unlimited services.

What's Included

Whilst we know that lovely fresh piles of laundry and extra you-time are huge benefits, our membership offers so much more!

Discounted laundry services

By signing up for our annual flat fee, you will receive a Discount on EVERY order compared to our usual service prices. No matter the items you need laundering, all services work out at a much more affordable cost, helping you minimise your annual spending.

No service fees

You never have to pay extra for our door-to-door collection of expert cleaning services. With our membership, you simply pay one cost for all our digital service's benefits. We can assure you that no hidden costs will arise, meaning you can also budget easily for your laundry services.

Bespoke services item

Our subscription covers every eventuality: whether you have a tough stain to get rid of, a piece that can only be dry-cleaned, or a delicate fabric that needs to be hang-dried. Simply hand your items over to our friendly team, and they will each be treated with the professional care and attention they deserve.

Free delivery

Our membership also covers delivery fees. With our convenient ordering service, you can choose your collection and delivery times, even within 24 hours of ordering for last-minute requirements. No matter the time or day of the week, our eco-vehicles and friendly delivery team are always available to bring your freshly laundered items back to you.

Anytime cancellation!

Flexibility is assured with our membership as we offer an anytime cancellation policy to protect you from spending unwanted cash.

Make it £500 in annual saving

About Love2Laundry Membership Program

At Love2Laundry, we can make your life much easier with our exclusive annual membership packages. Keeping you in a constant supply of clean fluffy towels and perfectly pressed clothing, this is the ultimate way to organise your life. Imagine how much better your life would be if you weren’t having to strategically plan your washes on your days off or when the British sunshine decides to make an appearance! With a Love2Laundry membership, you can achieve exactly that for just one.

Offering a way for you to manage your mounting laundry loads and keep your home fresh in times of need such as when Covid-19 strikes, our membership is available in three different pricing categories to suit every budget and all our customer’s needs. We understand that time can escape from you during even quiet weeks, but with our services, you can pre-arrange your laundry to take one extra thing off your plate.

Our membership plan allows you to tailor our various services to your own needs. Whether you live alone or have a large family to look after, we offer something for everybody. Not just for households, our membership packages also provide businesses with an affordable and organised way to manage laundry needs without any stress or hassle.

Each of our packages has been created with busy lives in mind. Designed to offer support and help you spend your household assigned budget more wisely, our membership service is the ultimate helpful subscription service that you will wonder how you went so long without.

The one subscription that will save you time

Bed linen and towels

Did you know that 27.4% of people in the UK have at least one subscription service they pay for each month? Favoured for their flexibility, the greater access to various products, and the affordable way to pay for an essential service, we understand why this form of payment plan is popular. Given the benefits, we think your household chores should be no different!

Laundry is one of many chores we all need to deal with. Even if you find keeping your home clean and tidy enjoyable, it doesn't take away from the fact that chores can take up at least 4 hours each week! At Love2Laundry, we work hard to create a service that takes one of those necessary tasks away from you so that time can be spent in a better way. Whether it's an extra hour with your family, time to take part in a training course, or just a little bit of you-time spent on the sofa watching a movie, we think everyone deserves some rest and recuperation.

Our membership service also far exceeds the standard pay-and-go model that others have. With no additional fees for increased usage, we can offer you a normal payment that can be flexible to your needs.

By helping you keep up with the curve balls that life likes to throw, as one of the best laundry apps, a Love2Laundry membership is the ultimate household subscription service you don't just need but deserve.

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