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Love2Laundry is working to address climate change with its eco-friendly practices


Love2Laundry Sustainability

We love to launder as we believe it offers a way to carry out household tasks more sustainably. As a company founded on the desire to be different and set a precedent for operational efficiency, we hold the challenge of environmental practices as one of our core values.

At Love2Laundry, we do our part to save the planet, one dirty garment at a time!

Building a greener future is not only necessary for the survival of our planet but also a moral imperative for the well-being of future generations. At Love2Laundry, our main focus is to combat climate change, take responsibility for our actions, and work closely towards sustainable solutions.

Water stewardship

Why is Sustainability Important to Us?

We operate in a huge industry, with the UK laundry market size being more than £1.8 million. The average person will carry out a considerable amount of over 13,000 wash loads in their lifetime.

lifestyle changes

Is Sustainability Good for Climate Change?

We don’t just run a sustainable business as we feel it’s the right thing to do but because it positively impacts climate change. Positive lifestyle changes could help reduce carbon emissions by 70% by 2050.

Waste & Recycling

Our Sustainability Measures

As a company with sustainable core values, we are proud to showcase the measures we have adopted to introduce sustainability into the laundry industry. Our hope is that others choose to bring in these measures so that across the board, the sector is doing its bit to support sustainability initiatives.

Centralised Washing System

Once our laundry loads are delivered to our site, we process all of them using our efficient, centralised washing system. We can operate a sustainable washing process using state-of-the-art technology that intelligently uses water.

The average at-home washing machine uses 50 litres per wash. By eliminating the need for every household to run multiple loads of laundry a day and instead using our efficient industrial machinery, an overall water saving is experienced.

We also plan our wash cycles to maximise usage, ensuring we have full loads each time.

Sustainable Washing Products

We are also mindful of the laundry products that we use.

As well as only using cleaning solutions that provide a professional finish, we use exclusively liquid soap as these cut down the waste residue left in water waste. Traditional powder detergents, which are not biodegradable, can leave residue in water, polluting it and making it harder to be flushed away.

Liquid detergents dissolve immediately, meaning that both wastewater and clothing quality stand to benefit.

We also find that these forms of laundry products are much less likely to cause skin irritation to our customers, making our services much safer for vulnerable people to use.

Utilise Reusable Bags for Life

Helping Businesses via our Affiliate Programme

We have recently launched the Love2Laundry affiliate programme for hotels.

Designed to offer a way for hotels to meet their client's expectations, we also use this scheme to promote sustainable laundry practices in the hospitality sector. By making laundry for guests more accessible via outsourced solutions, establishments can maintain their sustainable practices without negatively impacting client experience.

This partnership also means that any of our affiliates can also take a more targeted approach to sustainable practices via heir associated with us. By working with Love2Laundry, companies know that we have sourced environmentally friendly solutions, followed ethical practices, and done our bit to reduce impact.

You can find out more about this initiative by clicking here.


Choose Love2Laundy as Your Sustainable Laundry Service

Whether you are a household wanting to reduce your impact on the environment or a business looking to adopt sustainable practices, Love2Laundry is the solution for all needs.

Proving that you don’t have to compromise the environment to achieve excellent laundry finishes, we offer a door-to-door service which is sustainably run. As well as being a sustainable provider, you will also benefit from the following:

Instead of you need to buy lots of different products for various laundry needs, you can send us a variety of fabrics at one cost, which we will all treat individually. The nature of industry-standard cleaning solutions means we can treat your fabrics faster and less harshly, prolonging their overall lifespan.

Thanks to our time-slot booker, you can strategically plan when your laundry is completed. Choose your pick-up and delivery times when you place your order, and we will do the rest. There is no impact on you when choosing to use our service.

Collection can be arranged within 1 hour for emergency wash loads and returned washed and freshly ironed the next day. You can’t beat knowing your laundry is all together, right?

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