Which is the best laundry app?
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Which is the best laundry app?

Would eliminating time spent on laundry and only strategically wearing your favourite clothing so that you never have the dreaded, ‘oh no, it’s in the wash!’ moment help you out? If yes, then a laundry app service is what you are missing in your life. These convenient companies are also perfect if you do not have the luxury of your own utility room at home. You no longer must pile everything into the car and spend time at a launderette or dealing with dry cleaners. With these apps, your laundry can be professionally cleaned and back to you in less than 24 hours. 

With the average British adult doing over 13,000 loads of laundry in their lifetime, there is no denying that this essential chore takes up a lot of time and is part of a huge market. We don’t know about you, but we can think of a never-ending list of better ways to spend your spare time.

Like other digital advances that will make your daily life easier in 2022, a laundry app is a time-saving tool you need to adopt. With revenue for the home and laundry market expected to reach an eye-watering €4.53 by 2025, why not consider spending your assigned laundry budget on a service that makes your life easier?

Want to know what the best laundry app is that will have you smelling the sweet scent of fluffy towels in just a few clicks? Find out below!

Why is Love2Laundry the best laundry app? Let us tell you.

About us

Providing on-demand, five-star service is what we do best, and at Love2Laundry, the customer experience is our top priority. Our company was founded back in 2014 as a solution for easing increasingly busy lives; our app means you can arrange for your laundry to be professionally dry-cleaned and delivered directly back to you. As well as offering you more time in your day, other benefits to using our service are:

  • We offer an environmentally friendly way for you to complete your laundry due to our industry machinery and use of our electric transport. This is super important to us as doing laundry at home results in over 400 litres of water waste every year. By using state-of-the-art machinery and dry-cleaning methods, we can limit the impact on our environment.

  • Instead of you needing to buy lots of different products for various laundry needs, you can send us a variety of fabrics under one cost, which we will all treat individually. The nature of industrial standard cleaning solutions means we can treat your fabrics faster and less harshly, which also prolongs their overall lifespan.

  • Thanks to our time-slot booker, you can strategically plan when your laundry is completed. Choose your pick-up and delivery times when you place your order, and we will do the rest for you.

  • We don’t just wash clothes, but also household linens, including curtains and bedding, which are extremely difficult to wash at home. These delicate products are not only normally too large for standard household machines but often need special treatment, which we can always provide. This is also great if you are one of the 30% of households that only wash your bedding once a year. Check out our price list here to find out what else our service covers.

  • Collection can be arranged within 1 hour for emergency wash loads and returned the next day washed and freshly ironed. You can’t beat the feeling of knowing your laundry is all up together, can you?

  • Our team also genuinely love making our customers happy and achieving the best results from our services. When you choose our app, every person that you deal with, from our customer service to friendly drivers, will show you friendly service.

Wide range of services

As well as covering all household laundry, we also offer show repairs and alterations which can all be combined in just one order. Our expertise doesn’t just cover household laundry but also corporate customers. Perfect for hotels, commercial clients, and serviced accommodation, we alleviate a time-heavy task from busy teams to ensure they can focus on keeping their own clients happy. We always encourage our customers to let us know if they have a tricky or unusual order, as we are always up for new challenges.  

How it works

We also make the ordering process incredibly simple as we don’t want you to spend unnecessary time booking in your wash-load; that would defeat our purpose! Gone are the days of needing to transport your laundry around, instead you can now whip out your phone and go. The process is broken into four steps that we are constantly modifying to suit the ever-changing lifestyles of our loyal customers. When you arrange to use our laundry services, the process consists of:

  1. You can place your order either online or via our app. When you order, you can either fill out an inventory of what products you are sending us or just request a bag to fill, which we will then sort. All prices are available at these stages as we don’t want you to have any nasty surprises when the bill comes through.

  2. We then collect your laundry at your chosen time and place. Whether you are at home, have taken your laundry to the office, or are in a different location each time, it’s no problem at all!

  3. Once we have your clothing and linens, our laundry experts will work on refreshing and restoring your items to their best state. We also use state-of-the-art digital tagging and logging to ensure there are no issues in your clothing coming back to you.

  4. Now that everything is cleaned, steamed, ironed, and pressed, your laundry is returned to you. Simply hang up your items, and rest assured that you have just saved yourself time and effort by using our service.

What do our customers think?

Want to find out what our customers think? We have over 3700 reviews on our Trustpilot page, with 78% of five-star reviews. Check them out here. The many comments about the quality of our service, speedy delivery, praise for how we have treated delicate products, and various feedback about how we have alleviated stress are all the reasons that we do what we do!

Why are we the best?

As well as all the reasons we have already outlined, we are proud to offer:

  • Excellent customer service, with our knowledgeable team always on hand to help
  • An easy-to-use website and app that has been expertly designed
  • Brilliant results with our own quality assurance policy supporting all orders
  • Services that cannot be replicated at home, with dry-cleaning and professional clothing finishing are just two of our skills
  • Competitive pricing for our items

Who else is getting it right in the laundry app sector?


As another service that offers a quick turnaround for washing and dry cleaning, Laundryheap is a brilliant bag-and-go service. Like our website, they offer clear pricing and convenient collection/delivery. The option to monitor their real-time updates and amend your delivery time offers perfect flexibility for the modern customer. They also use zero-emission vehicles and even offer a gift card service so that you can share accessible washing with your friends and family. Corporate clients and businesses can also use this service, which we like to see as we believe that laundry apps offer amazing support for hospitality companies that are regaining momentum post-lockdown.

Hello Laundry

If you are looking for a mobile laundry service in London, then Hello Laundry is an excellent option for you. Offering you the opportunity to order via phone, their website, or app, you can easily arrange for your laundry to be sorted at a time that suits you best. They offer an impressive selection of covered household items, including mattresses and rugs that are impossible to wash for yourself at home. Their blog also showcases that they are not just experts in laundry but also passionate about treating garments with care and attention. Prices are clearly listed, and they offer lots of additional information about the services that are offered.

Laundry Apps are the way forward, are you convinced?

With the benefits to your life and your environmental impact being plentiful, laundry apps are a brilliant addition to any business schedule. Not only are you able to take a tiresome task away, but you can also prolong the lifespan of your garments and household items, meaning you spend less in the longer term. People use apps on average for at least 4 hours per day, so why not use some of this time to tie into the chores that need to be done? When you are next searching for a new song or chatting on social media, take some time to plan your next laundry load.

Are you convinced that a laundry app is something missing from your life? Try out Love2Laundry today, and we PROMISE that you will not be disappointed. 


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