Iconic laundrette moments

17 Iconic Laundrette Moments From The Media

What exactly is it about the local laundrette that leads to important conversations, life plans, and even moments of love? Well, that’s according to the movies and media anyway! Anyone who has actually been to a laundrette will know that having a personal and in-depth conversation is practically impossible… well with 10 washing machines in the room, you can understand why. Although there are people still using their local laundrette today, the majority of us will be carrying out our laundry duties in the comfort of our own home or using a professional laundry service.

From the set of a movie or TV show to the backdrop of an advertising campaign, the laundrette plays (and has played for quite some time) an iconic setup for everyday living. Today, it can even be seen as playing a front for a secret or hidden bar and is seen as more of a promotional tool for retro purposes perhaps more than its intended purpose. We’ve gone and collated 17 of the most iconic laundrette moments from the media – including movies, TV shows and advertisements. Enjoy!

P.s there might just be a few spoilers though so watch out…

1968 - Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary’s Baby was originally a novel that become an iconic horror film in the sixties. A creepy laundry room sets the perfect tone for an ominous apartment building and strange neighbours.