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Do Clothes Last Longer if Ironed?

Even though 77% of people say that freshly washed laundry is their favourite aroma, a whopping 68% of people hate washing and drying their clothing. As experts in all things laundry, we often get asked, ‘How can I make my clothes last longer between washes?’.

Our top piece of advice every time is to ensure items have been professionally ironed, as you will be astounded at how much more wear you gain from having the perfect press. This is one of the reasons that our ironing services are so popular, as our clients know their items will be more durable once our ironing angels have worked their magic.

Why do clothes last longer when they are ironed? Keep reading to discover, as we will delve into this matter during this blog.

Is It True That Clothes Last Longer When Ironed?

Let’s jump straight into why you are here: do clothes last longer when ironed, or is that one of the many laundry myths floating around?

The answer is yes, they do! And here’s why.

The main reason is that ironing uses a mixture of steam and heat to press clothing fibres back into shape once they have been washed and creased. This works by applying the perfect amount of pressure and warmth to release any disruptions in the design. When items have been ironed properly, they can withstand creasing for longer as the heating and cooling element of ironing ensures the fibres are set in their intended structure. In other words, a good iron helps strengthen and refresh clothing fibres, ensuring items last longer. 

We should add that when we reference lasting longer; this can mean both in between washes and, in general, improving the overall lifespan of items.

Another way that items last for longer is that ironing removes and prevents any unwanted odours due to the setting of the fibres in the fabric. Unpleasant odours can damage materials by becoming embedded within the fabric’s structure. Whilst even washing does not have the power to remove all smells, such as smoke or petrol, treating clothing properly can ensure it’s more resilient to future unwanted odours. By clothing fibres being sealed and set, they are less likely to absorb different odours again, allowing them to last longer between washes.

If you have ever considered if there is a better alternative to ironing, you hopefully now understand the benefits that this laundry method provides to garments.

What Other Methods Can Keep Clothes Crease Free Between Washes?

While ironing alone is the best method of keeping clothing looking great, some ways that you can enhance the longevity of a good iron are as follows:

  • Ensure that clothing is slightly damp when ironed. Items should never be completely dry, which means more heat and pressure are needed to remove stains and provide the perfect press. This can damage items over a longer period and cause them to lose shape plus structure. Items should either be slightly wet from the wash or dampened using a steam function to ensure the fibres are malleable and suitable for setting in the perfect style. 
  • This one might sound simple, but it is worth adding as many of us force items into our wardrobe and shut the door without a care. Our second tip is to ensure everything has a nice place to hang that isn’t too pressed for space. 

If you are slightly low on storage, you could even try purchasing multi-item hangers or clothing bags to ensure more items can be added without creasing happening to your garments.

  • Along the same theme, items should always be stored in a cool and dry place. In the same way that warmth and moisture allowed ironing to relax the creases, the same conditions can again cause them. This could lead to items becoming loose or fragile, which will see you needing to part ways with much-loved items before their intended time.
  • If ironing is torture, it might be worth investing in a handheld steamer. If items are clean and odour-free but have a few creases starting to appear, this will allow any marks to be removed without a full laundry cycle having to take place.

Another bonus is that a steamer is brilliant for leaving household items, such as curtains and sofas, looking tidy and treating delicate fabrics such as satin or silk.

Can Laundry Services Do My Ironing?

Do laundry services include ironing? Not all the time, but luckily, we offer a full service at Love2Laundry.

At Love2Laundry, we offer professional ironing services with all the benefits outlined in this article. If you look around for a provider that offers laundry services, you will see that launderettes often do not offer ironing services. However, we have designed our laundry services to offer everything busy individuals could need, from washing to dry cleaning and clothing finishing services. We even offer alterations if you need anything professionally changed on your garments.

When you book through our easy-to-use website or simple app, you can also book either individual garments or pay by the bag. You then choose your collection and return date, pay for the service, and our team does the rest! Our prices are also competitive, which you can see if you check out this blog about how much ironing services tend to charge.

The biggest benefit is that thanks to our expert ironing team, your items will last much longer between washes, giving you access to a wardrobe full of crease-free clothing every morning. What more could you want?

How Do Professional Ironing Services Make Clothes Last Longer?

Our team of experts have a few extra tricks up their well-ironed sleeves to ensure all items we process last that bit longer!

Industrial Tools

We use only the best professional ironing equipment designed to suit all fabric types. From our handheld irons, ideal for detailed pieces, to our presses, great for shirts and suits, we have a solution for every item. This means that mistakes never happen and that items are treated as the manufacturer intended.

Expert Techniques

Our team is also highly trained and knows how to work with even the toughest items. If you have ever tried to iron in a dart on a dress or even navigate applique on a top, you will know that some items can be nearly impossible to iron. 

Not for our experts, as what they don’t know about ironing isn’t worth knowing! These expert techniques help the items last for as long as every inch has been professionally treated.

How Does the Love2Laundry Ironing Service Work?

  1. Visit our website and choose your ironing service. You can select either ‘iron only’, dry cleaning, which includes finishing, or some of our laundry bundles that include all stages.
  2. Choose your collection time. This can be from anywhere in or around London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bolton, Bury, or Oxford. You could even have your items collected from work if you are busy and unable to be home!
  3. You must also choose a return date and time to ensure our team knows when you need your ironed items back.
  4. Our team then work their magic and iron items into perfect condition.
  5. Items are then returned at your chosen time in a ready-to-wear state.

Click here to find a Love2Laundry ironing service near you or contact our team should you have any questions. 

Now, you should understand that ironed clothing lasts longer, both in between washes and in general, and why this is the case. Even if you don’t want to spend time ironing items, it is still worth having someone else carry out the chore as, over time, it will save you time, money and eliminate any embarrassment from wearing creased clothing!

Ironing may not be fun, but it is essential to do.


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