Freshen Up Winter Clothes
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Quick Hacks to Freshen Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Even though we’re not going out as often as usual this year, the changing of the seasons means many of us will begin unearthing our winter clothes from storage and considering putting away our summer wear. Laundry expert Nadeem Abbas from Love2Laundry has some quick hacks freshening winter clothes from storage and how to store summer clothes so that they don’t come out with a musty smell next year.

How to freshen winter clothes from storage

There’s nothing worse than getting out your favourite cold weather clothes and discovering that their time stored away has left them smelling musty. While there’s always the option to give them a wash before wearing for freshness, if you need one of your jumpers in a hurry, try some of these natural methods to keep your clothes must-free.

  1. Vodka – Vodka has antibacterial qualities which can help kill smells that cling to clothes. Mixing vodka and water in a spray bottle in a ratio of 3 parts vodka to 1 part water is an easy home remedy to keep clothes fresh without throwing them straight in the wash.
  2. Sunlight – Weather permitting, hanging your clothes out for a couple of hours in the sun will kill any bacteria and allow the air to freshen them up naturally.
  3. White vinegar – If you have to clean them, swap out fabric softener for white vinegar. This neutralises odours and strips away any leftover residue on clothes that bacteria can cling to and cause a musty smell.

How to store summer clothes

Finding your winter clothes with an unattractive smell might make you more conscious of how you store your summer clothes in anticipation for doing this all again next year. Follow these quick tips to keep your clothes fresher for longer while you no longer need them.

  1. Clean your clothes – Only store freshly cleaned clothes, as clothes that have been worn could carry oils, bacteria and other contaminants that will create unpleasant smells or affect the quality of your clothes over time. This could also attract more bugs like moths which damage natural fabrics.
  2. Storage containers – Plastic storage containers can create a humid environment which will encourage mildew build-up and have your clothes smelling musty when you take them out again. Fabric containers made out of wool or cotton will keep air circulating to your clothes while keeping out pests.
  3. Lavender – If you’re using storage made of natural fabric, you might also want to add in dried lavender buds. These will keep clothes smelling fresh and also deter insects. Dried lavender is long-lasting and could be used for a number of seasons before needing to be replaced.

These natural quick tips should keep your wardrobe smelling great and make sure your winter woolens and summer shorts are kept in the best quality whatever time of year it is.

For any smells or stains you just can’t shift, contact the experts at Love2Laundry.


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