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How Much Does One Wash Cost in Electricity?

When doing your laundry, it can be quite easy to forget that the washing machine and tumble dryer are using up a lot of electricity, energy, and water, which is adding to those utility bills every day.

During this current cost of living crisis, research has found that almost 9 in 10 Brits have been taking specific actions to reduce their energy bills, such as not turning their heating on at least once a week.

So, when it comes to laundry, have you ever wondered, how much does one wash cost in electricity?

We will explore this question in this article, which we hope you find useful.

How much does one wash cost in electricity?

That depends on a few factors, for example:

          the washing machine model

          the energy rating of the washing machine

          the wash cycle length

          the water temperature

          how long the appliances are on standby (as this adds to your electricity bill).

So, how much does one wash cost in electricity?

Well, if we look at a typical D-rated, 9 kg washing machine, this uses 0.76 kWh per cycle, which works out at 26p per wash cycle.

However, an A-rated washing machine uses 0.49 kWh per wash cycle, so the cost decreases to just 16p per load of laundry.

Based on the average electricity price of 34 pence per kWh, this means that a B-rated washing machine typically costs 25p per wash cycle.

Meanwhile, a C-rated washing machine costs, on average, 29p per wash cycle, in electricity.

If you didn’t already know, the ‘energy rating’ of a washing machine tells you how much energy the appliance uses, and how efficient it is. Every washing machine will also be graded from A+++ (the most efficient) to D (the least efficient) in ‘energy class.’ 

When is the cheapest time to use the washing machine?

You should avoid using your washing machine and tumble dryer between 4 pm and 7 pm, as this is the most popular and expensive period.

Do your laundry between 10pm and 5am instead, which is the cheapest possible time for energy prices.

However, be careful about leaving electrical appliances to run while you are asleep, as this is a fire hazard. Make sure you are awake when you get your washing done during this off-peak window.

Is it cheaper to wash clothes at a lower temperature?

Yes, if you wash your clothes at very hot temperatures all the time, then this causes a steep rise in your energy bills.

Research from the Energy Saving Trust has shown that washing your clothes at 30 degrees uses around 40% less electricity over the course of a year, compared to higher temperatures.

Why not try washing your clothes for 30 minutes at 30 degrees, which could save you £54 a year?

How can I save on my electricity and energy bills when doing laundry?

Follow these tips below to reduce your bills:

  • Outsource your laundry to a professional laundry company. Getting your clothes professionally cleaned or dry cleaned means you will be using your own washing machine and tumble dryer far less. This would allow you to make great savings on your utility bills!
  • Buy energy monitoring plugs, which tell you how much electricity your household appliance is using.
  • Pre-treat the stubborn stains on your dirty laundry items, before washing them. Heavily soiled clothing will require a hotter, more powerful wash, which will use more electricity and energy.
  • Look at your wash cycle length and water temperature. If you keep your clothes in the washing machine for the longest possible time, on the highest heat setting, then this will cost you more money, as more electricity and energy is being used.
  • Always wash your clothes in a full load. Don’t be tempted to throw one pair of trousers and a couple of socks inside the washing machine, and only wash those. You should always wait until your laundry basket is full before you put a wash cycle on, as this will help keep your utility bills down.

Where can I find a professional laundry company?

Here at Love2Laundry, we are an on-demand laundry company, serving LondonManchesterBirminghamBolton and Bury.

We provide a door-to-door service, so we will collect your dirty laundry and we will wash, dry and fold or hang them up, and then deliver them straight to your door!

We also offer ironing services across London, as well as dry cleaning, shoe repairs, upholstery cleaning and alterations.

All you have to do is make an order online on our website, or through our mobile app (which is available for iOS and Android).

You can choose a location and time slot that works for you, and our friendly couriers will collect your laundry items. We will then professionally clean your items and return them to you- all within 24 hours!

Our prices are affordable- for example, our ‘6kg Wash Dry & Fold’ package is only £16.85.

See the prices on our website here.

At Love2Laundry, we are not your typical launderette. We operate a cashless system, so you will pay for your order via our mobile app or online via our website. We accept various forms of payment including American Express, Visa and MasterCard.s

No more worrying about finding the correct change, or physically dropping off your laundry items- simply input your order with just a click of your fingers, and the rest is up to us!

Using a laundry service is a huge time-saver, because you can choose whichever time slot works for you, you won’t have to leave your home to drop off your dirty laundry, and your clothes will be cleaned to a brilliant, professional finish.

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