How to Do Laundry for Cheap
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How to Do Laundry for Cheap

Due to the regularity of washing and drying your clothes, it can be easy to overlook the costs that each load of washing can bring. Thankfully, by considering external laundry services, you can cut costs considerably. Additionally, cheap laundry does not need to sacrifice the quality of your wash, as long as you wash efficiently.

How to Do Laundry for Cheap

Studies show that the average cost of washing at home, assuming you do four loads per week, will cost you $264.16 per year. If you average eight loads per week, doing laundry will instead cost you $528.32 per year. Many people, suffering from the current cost of living crisis, will struggle to meet this cost, which has led to many looking for cheaper alternatives.

The daunting reality for most people, such as yourself, is that laundry is an endless chore. The reward for hours of wasted time: waiting for your washer, trying to understand the complicated washing machine dials and settings, squinting at impossible-to-read labels, is that in a couple of days – maybe even less, you have to do it all over again.

What’s more; recent studies have found that on average, the typical D-rated 9kg washing machine will use 0.76 kWh per cycle, equating to approximately 21.2 pence per cycle. On the other hand, an A-rated washing machine will use around 0.49 kWh per cycle, giving a cost of just 13.72 pence per cycle. Whilst these may seem insignificant, they can easily add up to provide another daunting cost to your day-to-day life.

How to Do Laundry for Cheap

With so many different ways for you to do laundry for cheap, we thought it best to put together this article explaining which ones can be best for different situations, and how you can do your laundry for cheap. Keep reading to find out all about dry cleaning, how to do it for cheap and how you can gain from cheap laundry.

What Is the Best Way I Can Do Laundry for Cheap?

Navigating rising energy costs can create difficulties when it comes to trying to do laundry for cheap, however by understanding your washer settings and personal laundry needs, cheap laundry is attainable.

How to Do Laundry for Cheap

Possibly the simplest method to reduce your laundry costs is reading up on how often your clothes need washing – studies have found that each article of clothing has a varying amount of wear between each wash. Anything worn while you sweat: socks, underwear, gym clothes, need to be washed after each wear, as the build-up of bacteria, sweat, and body oils created while exercising or just being active, will cause your clothes to gain a musty odour or yellowed stain. On the other hand, light wear of clothes such as trousers, sweaters, and shirts, especially those that have a loose fitting or are made of breathable fabrics, can last three to four wears – depending on the amount you sweat. Ultimately this is why the flexibility offered by laundry services like Love2Laundry can make washing cheaper, as they can adapt to the wash that you need, whilst offering an efficient online order and door delivery service.

How to Do Laundry for Cheap

Your pre-wash routine can save you time and money on your laundry; a one-colour 6kg wash with Love2Laundry, including a tumble dry, can be a cheap way to bulk-wash your coloured clothes. Wearing clothing items that can easily be washed in one load allows you to plan your laundry loads while reducing the number of washes necessary. Studies recommend colour sorting your whites, darks, and colours to ensure their vibrant colours can be effectively protected, sustainably preserving your cherished clothes. In addition, depending on the level of wear – as mentioned above, your clothes can stay in the laundry basket for a few days while you wait for your washes to match up. A fabric bag, ideally nylon or canvas, lined with a plastic bag to reduce odour – to improve practicality, using a string tie will allow you to manage your dirty clothes and facilitate transport to the washer on wash day.

Outsourcing your dry cleaning can be an affordable way to avoid the rising costs of energy prices at home. The cost of running your washing machine can vary based on several things: your energy provider, the temperature you select – studies suggest that most Britons use the washing machine on average 4.7 times each week, but only about a quarter select a 30°C degree wash, which can, as a general rule, clean the majority of stains.

In addition, costs can vary based on when you choose to do your laundry – avoiding peak washing times (4 pm – 7 pm) may be necessary to save money. For the busy metropolitan, the inconvenience of waiting until late to begin your washing may add unnecessary complications that companies like Love2Laundry exist to prevent. With fully flexible pick-up and drop-off options and assured high-quality laundry and dry cleaning services – Love2laundry allows users to be done with uncertainty, always offering the highest quality and lowest price guaranteed.

Why Is Dry Cleaning Worth It?

Dry cleaning not only offers to smartly clean and press your clothes, but it can also prove to be more affordable in the long term – investing in professional laundry and dry cleaning for your clothes preserves the longevity of your clothes. Gradually, standard washers can damage and stretch fabrics and dull the colours of your favourite pieces, so finding a trustworthy laundry service that can promise high-quality washes and dry cleans can considerably lengthen the lifespan of your clothes.

Love2Laundry are some of the highest quality laundry and dry cleaning professionals – reflected in their countless 5-star reviews – that will take expert care of your clothes with care and expertise. It is important not to underestimate the importance of professional care for your clothes, as it is highly beneficial to have a polished appearance in all settings, at work or at social events. Studies even suggest that clean and pressed clothes and maintained shoes can directly communicate information regarding your personality and status.

How to Do Laundry for Cheap

Dry cleaning services also offer users flexibility: careful ironing and hand washing of certain items can be taken care of by professionals: convenient for those who don’t have time to spend hours on laundry or research fabric needs beforehand. Washing and pressing of delicates can be managed with the intricacy required by expert dry cleaners, and you can have a few hours to tick off other things on your to-do list or simply take some time to yourself. The promise of high-quality by established dry cleaning services like Love2Laundry and their network of approved dry cleaners can erase any concerns you may have of clothes being damaged or lost.

Certain fabrics require specific temperature or wash settings that your home washer may not be equipped to offer, and if you attempt to run on a standard wash you may damage the clothes or gradually break down the fibres – leading to you needing to replace or repair certain items. For example, Silk, velvet, and wool are all fabrics that your local dry cleaner is well-experienced in caring for, and they can ensure that your clothes do not become misshapen or damaged during the washing process, as more luxurious materials such as these can be at risk of the linings drying and shrinking during a general wash process at home. Additionally, recent studies show that it is estimated that only around 58% of Britons own a tumble dryer, so utilising dry cleaning services may offer you the opportunity to wash, dry, and press your clothes to a higher quality than at home.

Conclusion for Cheap Laundry

We hope that you’ve found this article both helpful and entertaining, as well as answering the question “how do you do laundry for cheap?” to your liking. For more content like this, check out our articles on the blog page, or contact a member of our team for more help.

Our mission is always to provide our customers with the best quality information, products and services, with standards that are reflective of us as a company. We have always been proud to deliver on these expectations and continuously be the subject of high praise and respect from clients and competitors alike.


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