Where Is the Nearest Launderette to Me
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Where Is the Nearest Launderette to Me?

Doing laundry is one of the nation’s least-liked household chores. Let’s face it, washing, drying and folding clothes is time-consuming, laborious, and hardly glamorous. It can also be very expensive if you are continually using your washing machine and tumble dryer, as it racks up those energy bills.

So, it is no surprise that many Brits choose to outsource their job to launderettes and laundry service companies, to eradicate those boring chores from their to-do list.

If you are looking for a place to wash and dry your clothes, then you may be wondering where is the nearest launderette to you.

We will outline below where you can find your nearest launderette.

Where is the nearest launderette to me?


Look no further, because here at Love2Laundry, we provide laundry services in 5 major cities in the UK.

We collect, clean and return laundry at a time and location of your choice.

Simply order online or through our mobile app, and we will collect your laundry at a time and location that suits you. We will then professionally clean your clothes and return them to you quickly, within 24 hours.

Our prices are affordable- for example, the ‘wash, dry, and fold’ package starts from £2.65 per kg. See the prices on our website here.

At Love2Laundry, we are an on-demand laundry service. We operate in the following UK cities:


Our laundry services are available across Central London.

We cover many areas including Fleet Street, Barbican, Aldgate, King’s Cross, Waterloo, St Paul, Paddington, Old Street, Westminster, Wandsworth, Kensington and Chelsea, Islington, Hackney and Enfield.

We are London’s leading commercial laundry service.

We clean, iron, fold, or hang up your garments and deliver them to your door- all in 24 hours!

We can tackle tough stains and smells, alter clothes and clean your bedding, all on a schedule that suits you.

Our motto is Laundry Made Simple! That is why we offer free collection and delivery and affordable prices.

Love2Laundry also provides ironing services across London, as well as dry cleaning, shoe repairs, upholstery cleaning and alterations.

Click here to read our blog post to learn more about Love2Laundry’s services in London.



Our laundry services are available across Manchester.

We cover Manchester City Centre, Old Trafford, Didsbury, Altrincham, Sale and Salford.

We understand that life in the fast-paced Manchester City Centre can often leave little time for pesky laundry items. It is so easy to forget about cleaning towels, shirts and suits when there’s so much to do.

At Love2laundry, we are dedicated to helping our customers stay organised as their schedules become busier and busier.


Our laundry services are available in Birmingham city centre.

There is no need to hunt down your local launderette in Birmingham, struggling to drop off and collect your dry cleaning at times which don’t fit into your everyday life.

With our online service, you can place your order on our website or app and set your preferred times and pick-up location – and we do all the hard work for you.



Our laundry services are available in Bolton.

You no longer have to trek all the way to a laundrette in Bolton to get your washing done. We provide a door-to-door laundry service.

All you need to do is use our app or website to state where and when you want your dirty laundry picked up. Our expert dry cleaners will professionally clean your items and return them to you, fresh and in good condition.

We’re here solely to remove the stress from your daily routine, so let us take care of your laundry needs!


Our laundry services are available in Bury.

Love2Laundry in Bury is the ultimate stress-free solution to your laundry needs. You no longer have to worry about finding the time in the day to do your washing and ironing.

We are here to take care of it. Just log on to our site or app and choose a time and location for us to pick up and drop off your laundry. It’s as simple as that.

If you live elsewhere in the UK

Use the platform Cyclex UK to find out where is the nearest launderette in your local area.

You will also find Love2Laundry appears on this platform.


Does Love2Laundry operate internationally?

Yes, we certainly do.

We have expanded our business and we now cover Ireland, Netherlands, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait and Pakistan.

How do you pay for your order at Love2Laundry?

At Love2Laundry, we are not your typical launderette. We operate a cashless system, so you pay for your order via our mobile app or online via our website.

We accept various forms of payment including American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

No more worrying about finding the correct change when you have to get your clothes and items professionally laundered- simply order online or via our mobile app, and your laundry will be collected, cleaned and returned to you, in just 24 hours!

If you book with Love2Laundry, you won’t have to physically drop off your laundry or pick it up one of our friendly couriers will arrive at the location you specified they will pick up your garments, and then return them to you once they are clean.

Download our free mobile app today and leave the work to us.

Our app is available on iOS and Android.


What do I bring with me to a launderette?

  • Your dirty laundry, separated in colours and whites.
  • A large basket or bags to transport your dirty laundry and clean garments afterwards.
  • Washing powder or laundry detergent.
  • Various coins, or cash cards if the launderette accepts them. Bring extra cash with you in case you don’t know how much your wash will cost.
  • Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser, so you can wipe down surfaces where other people’s laundry has been sat.
  • If you like, you can also bring fabric softener or dryer sheets.
  • Something to keep you occupied while you wait (e.g. a book to read, or headphones so you can listen to your favourite playlist).

Are launderettes coin-operated only?

Yes, most launderettes are coin-operated only, so you should bring various coins with you which you will insert into the washing machine.

Bring a mix of 20p, 50p and £1 coins with you when you visit a launderette to do your laundry.

At Love2Laundry, you will pay for your orders online or via our mobile app. We don’t store your card details on our server and we use the Stripe payment system to offer you maximum protection when making a transaction.


Can you leave clothes unattended at a launderette?

No, it is not recommended that you leave your clothes unattended in a washing machine or tumble dryer at a launderette.

You should always wait in the launderette while your garments are being cleaned, to keep an eye on the wash cycle and avoid the possibility of someone stealing your items.

If you leave your clothes unattended, then someone else may move your garments and dump them somewhere, because they want to use the washing machine or tumble dryer next.

So, it is important to be responsible with your garments when you are at a launderette and be respectful of other people’s personal belongings.

Can you wash duvets at a launderette?

Yes, you can wash duvets and pillows at a launderette.

You should wash them in a bigger washing machine on a gentle cycle.

You can also put washing machines and pillows in the tumble dryer at a launderette, on low heat.

After any bedding items have been washed, make sure they are fully dry before you put them away, to prevent mould and mildew from growing in the damp.


Do you need fabric softener when you are doing laundry?

No, you don’t necessarily need fabric softener when you are washing clothes. Just using washing powder or laundry detergent will suffice.

But, fabric softener makes your clothing softer and wrinkle-free. It also helps your garments smell fresher and helps protect them from wear and tear, which helps them last longer.

However, there are some fabrics that are unsuitable for fabric softeners, such as athleisure and workout clothing. These garments are moisture-wicking, to remove sweat quickly and keep it from saturating. So, fabric softener can’t be used on gym gear, because it can clog the fabric’s pores and break down its wicking abilities.

Additionally, fabric softener builds up on garments over time, which creates a barrier to soap and water. So, you may discover that there is always a layer of fabric softener on your clothes, which is stopping your clothes from being cleaned.

What is a front-loading washing machine?


Once you have found where is the nearest launderette to you, you will probably use a front-loading washing machine.

This is a washing machine where you load clothes through an opening that is located at the front of the machine. It usually comes with a glass panel door and a separate detergent drawer, which you load with your washing powder or detergent.

What is a top-loading washing machine?

Some launderettes have top-loading washing machines.

A top-loading washing machine has a door or opening on the top of the machine, for you to load your clothes in. They are cheaper to buy than front-loading washing machines, but they require more water and detergent.

Top-loading washing machines are less prone to leakage because gravity keeps the water inside the appliance.


We hope that we have helped you find the answer to the question ‘where is the nearest launderette to me?’

Find out more about Love2Laundry’s dry cleaning and laundry services by visiting our website here.

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