How to get rid of tough stains

How to Get Rid of Stains from Clothes – The Infographic

We have all been there. Everything seems to be going well right up until we overzealously squeeze on a ketchup packet a little too hard. Suddenly that happy meal creates a fabric emergency. The bright red blotch stands out uncomfortably on your favourite white dress.

And since you stepped out for a bite to eat, it is unlikely that you brought any detergent with you. But not to worry.

To avoid leaving a permanent mark, merely scrape off excess ketchup (be careful not to dab the sauce into your clothing).

Then head over to the bathroom and run cold water over the stain from behind where it dropped.

Until you get home, taking these simple steps should be enough to prevent the stain from setting in. You may soon toss the dress in the washing machine and voila! Good as new.

These are the sort of tips we will be sharing with you in this infographic. From your dedicated staff over at Love2Laundry, we hope you enjoy these tips. & We look forward to hearing from you.

Some of what this handy infographic will teach you include:

  • How to remove ink stains

    • It doesn’t take much to ruin our favourite clothes. Sometimes all it takes is for a colleague to walk by with an open pen and a shirt is left with a streak of ink that can be very frustrating to remove. This guide provides quick steps you can take to remedy the situation.
  • How to remove blood stains from clothes

    • Especially while playing sports, a cut can leave blood stains on jerseys. For a parent watching a child run around in hard to remove blood spots isn’t an ideal situation, forcing many to purchase replacements. By knowing how to take care of blood stains the moment your fabric is affected, you can save money and help restore clothing.
  • How to remove sweat (perspiration) stains from clothes

    • Depending on how hectic your day is, you may or may not be concerned about those circles of discolouration that tend to show up after we sweat in our clothes. Many people resign themselves to buying new clothes once these marks become too noticeable. However, we’ll show steps you can start taking today to help preserve the quality of your clothes.
  • How to remove mud stains from clothes

    • Everyone loves a hike until they have to deal with the responsibilities which follow afterwards. But now you can look forward to getting messy with nature without worrying about the quality of your clothes. Simply review the instructions in this guide and apply them, to your washable fabrics.
  • How to remove grass stains from clothes

    • These stains are among the most frustrating. Getting rid of them is rarely as simple as throwing affected fabric in a washing machine. To effectively remove those green smears, remember enzyme-based products! Stock up on them and read the guide to see how to use them.


Enjoy the infographic below for a full guide on how to remove troublesome stains from your favourite clothes. If you have any tricks that work for you, please share in the comments below.




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