How Do Airbnb Hosts Handle Laundry
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How Do Airbnb Hosts Handle Laundry

Airbnb provides a great benefit for travellers who want the comfort of a home without the hotel environment. Understandably, Airbnb hosts need to maintain a level of cleanliness with their items, especially duvets etc.

With that in mind, Love2laundry is here to help. This blog will answer the question ‘How do Airbnb hosts handle laundry?’

As a renowned and established service in personal and laundry services, we are extremely proud to offer a range of services to make your life easier. Whether you’re struggling to find the time, or suffering from physical issues, our services are here to make your life easier.

We provide laundry services, ironing services and dry cleaning, and more. Whether it’s a delicate piece of clothing or your sweaty gym gear, or even if you have commercial laundry needs, we have all the right solutions to clean your items in the best way for them.

How often should Airbnb hosts clean their property?

How often should Airbnb hosts clean their property?

An Airbnb host should ideally keep their property to a clean standard before and after each visitor arrives. Upon arrival, it should be the absolute minimum to expect a clean, comfortable area to stay.

This includes having a fresh duvet and pillowcases, fresh hand towels and body towels for any shower or bath. Cleanliness is a key concern, especially with the advent of COVID-19. Having a space that is not cleaned regularly, in addition to a multitude of new guests, all with their own levels of hygiene (or lack thereof) can result in bacteria thriving in the property.

If guests are staying for an extended period of time, provide replacement towels or duvets should they wish to use another. Additionally, if you are able to, and they want to, perhaps create an agreement that your cleaner, or laundry service will be on site on a certain day.

How often should you clean your towels and duvets?

If your towels and duvets etc are being used in an Airbnb, it should be cleaned immediately after a guest has checked out. No new guest should walk into an environment with used towels and duvets that have already been used by a total stranger.

Regarding your own personal items. It does vary depending on you. Towels should be replaced on, at the very least, a weekly basis. Though this is subject to the amount of occupants in the home, and how often it is used.

Similarly, duvets/bedsheets should be changed on a weekly basis. Though, this can be extended if you don’t regularly sleep in your bed. Due to the warmth of a bed and the duvet, you can sweat through the night. As the nights go on, it accumulates and dries, and the bacteria within that is what creates certain smells.

As you can imagine, it must be extremely uncomfortable for a new guest to sleep in a bed that hasn’t been cleaned, especially if they can smell the body odour left over by the previous guest.

Can you get ill from dirty bedsheets and towels?

Yes. Especially if somebody else had used the bed and towel before you. Their bacteria can settle and spread within the microscopic crevices we can’t see, and easily affect you, especially if you have a compromised immune system.

How do Airbnb hosts handle laundry?

How do Airbnb hosts handle laundry?

There are three common ways that an Airbnb host would handle their laundry. Although, these methods can be subject to the amount of people they regularly host.

  1. Cleaning at home: Some Airbnb hosts may clean their items alongside their regular laundry. In some cases, this makes sense if you are only occasionally using your home for an Airbnb space.
  2. Using a laundromat: Laundromats provide a stellar clean with efficient machinery. This method is helpful for Airbnb hosts who have a more frequent client base, but still have enough time in between to take the clothes to clean themselves.
  3. Using a laundry service: Arguably, this is the best method for cleaning laundry from your Airbnb, regardless of how regularly you have guests to clean up after. A laundry service like Love2Laundry offers services for commercial laundry.

It collects, cleans, and returns the laundry that you need cleaning. Services like this save valuable time and present excellent value for money.

Is it better to clean laundry from an Airbnb through a service?

Yes. Absolutely. One of the many benefits of a laundry service like Love2Laundry is that the laundry is cleaned to a professional standard. This is through the use of industrial grade washing machines and dryers, that are cleaned on the optimal settings, with the correct detergents and conditioners if required.

Furthermore, you can not account for the hygiene or the general consideration towards cleanliness that your potential guests have. Even if a guest was ill, it can easily make you, or those around you ill, if you clean items from your Airbnb alongside your regular items.

Additionally, most people don’t have the capacity to clean an item like a duvet in their washing machine, and may not have the capability to clean duvets at a laundromat. Laundry services have both of these aspects completely covered, meaning you don’t have to compromise on cleanliness.

Are there any items a laundry service won’t clean from an Airbnb?

Laundry services come across a lot of items that require a deep, expert clean. However, due to health reasons, there will be certain instances that will prevent a service from cleaning them. This could be because there can be a level of contamination present that is not worth the risk.

However, this does depend on the individual policies of the laundry service. A good way to prevent an issue like this from happening is by including a contract for your guests to sign before they agree to book the property.

The stipulations of this contract can include a clause that requires the guest to pay for any damages, or replace any item that is beyond any professional cleaning. This can help guests think twice.

How do I use a laundry service?

Love2Laundry’s signature laundry service is a lifesaver for our users, whether it is for personal or commercial use. Our process is extremely simple and can be explained in four steps.

  1. Head to our website or app, and place your order. Your order includes a date and time you would like us to collect your items.
  2. We collect your items at the designated time.
  3. We clean your items, and can also dry and iron them, depending on the service you opt for.
  4. We return your items to you. Orders are always aimed to be delivered within 24 hours.

Secure laundry services today

Secure laundry services today

At Love2Laundry, we believe in the valuable services laundrettes and ironing, and cleaning services can offer, that’s why we dedicate our service to making your clothes clean, long-lasting, fresh and uncreased.

There are plenty of great hacks online that will make it possible to treat certain items that need dry cleaning, washing, or ironing. But without the professional products, services, and tools offered by a laundrette or ironing service, it may be difficult to consistently get the results you are supposed to have.

We are proud that we offer competitively priced services for you to achieve a perfect finish for your items for an affordable cost and a fraction of the time.

In this blog, we hope to have answered the question ‘How do Airbnb hosts handle laundry?’ Want to know how we can help you today? You can see our full price list or contact our friendly team to find out more about our services.

For further cleaning facts, our blog has a diverse selection of topics related to laundry and ironing.

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