How to Remove Oil Stains From Clothes?
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How to Remove Oil Stains From Clothes?

With the global stain remover market expected to reach $34.9 billion by 2031, it is no surprise that dealing with unwanted marks such as oil stains  on clothing is one of the most common laundry issues.

When it comes to oil, we all know how much this liquid likes to linger when it reaches fabric. For this reason, many people assume that clothing items are a write-off once damage occurs. Whether it’s an aromatherapy product, beauty item or oil from some car maintenance, the residue can be a nightmare to deal with once a stain occurs.

From laundry novices to seasoned pros, an embedded oil stain can strike fear into everyone. This article will explore the different laundry services and at-home methods available for fixing an oily disaster.

Can Oil Stains Be Removed From Clothing?

If you have noticed an oily mark on your clothing and are worried about whether or not it can be removed, we are happy to confirm that it can! Even though it is possible to say goodbye to unwanted oil marks, it can be a bit of a tough process, but perseverance is key.

Oil is a thick liquid that is semi-solid or solid at room temperature. This means that when woven into the fibres of fabrics, it can embed itself first into the smallest of areas. Furthermore, once the oil stain has had time to set, removing it becomes even tougher.

Finally, oil is tough to remove as the greasy element of the substance means it is prone to spreading easily. If you are not careful, a simple scrubbing motion could lead to a stain of double the size, leading to more areas to treat. However, by following some of the tips we have included in this article, even an old oil stain can be dealt with.

Tips For Dealing With Oil Stains On Clothing?

  • Always be careful in the first instance when interacting with oils. Protective layers are a great idea, as even though oil stains can be removed, the process can be extremely difficult for certain materials.
  • Don’t use products such as bleach unless you know exactly how they will react with the stain and clothing items in question. Yes, you could remove the stain, but also the design and colour of your items at the same. Furthermore, oil is a tough residue that requires a dry and then removal process, so just soaking with bleach will not have the intended effect.
  • Act quickly to treat a new oil stain. Don’t let it have time to set into place as that will make is much more tougher and harder to remove.
  • Do not let the stained item touch other clothing; the oil will transfer, giving you twice the amount of work.
  • Always check the care label on the affected clothing item to ensure the method of removal you selected is suitable for that garment.
  • If you are unsure if a technique will work or have an item of clothing that is particularly delicate, always seek expert assistance.

Methods of Removing Oil From Clothes:

Methods of Removing Oil From Clothes:

Below we have included some advice on how you can deal with oil stains on clothing. Be sure to always implement the tips we have previously shared with any method as dealing with this type of stain incorrectly can lead to potential damage of items.


Step 1: It can be tempting to rub a stain that occurs, but this is the first major thing to avoid. Instead, the first step should be to lift away any solid oil residue using a flat tool like a knife.

You should sprinkle an absorbing matter, like cornstarch or baby powder, onto the stain and leave it for around 15 minutes. Brush away the power then to see what remains and repeat if the stain is still very strong.

Step 2: Once the stain has been lifted, use a pre-treatment on the area. This should be something specific for that type of fabric and will need to sit for around 30 minutes.

Step 3: The item should be washed only once the stain has lifted almost completely. The warm water could cause the oil to move around if most of the residue has not been removed beforehand.

Once the wash has finished, always check the item before placing it in the drying process. This is important as if the stain remains, drying could set it into place permanently.

Professional Laundry Service

The other way to guarantee oil stains are removed from clothing is by using a professional laundry service. An online laundry service is designed to offer complete convenience as the customer doesn’t even need to get in the car to send clothing away for washing.

As they deal with stains of all sorts all of the time, an oil mark is nothing for a laundry expert, which means they have a higher chance of success on the first cleaning attempt. All you have to do is book the items, and the team will follow the best process for cleaning.

This could be via traditional washing or a more targeted dry cleaning, depending on the severity of the stain and the type of garment being treated. Either way, the laundry professionals can advise on the best action to return items to a brilliant condition.

What Is The Best Way To Get Oil Out Of Clothing?

Even though both the at-home and professional services will work to remove oil stains from clothing, the benefits of an online laundry service mean that a better end result is more likely.

We hope oil stains are not a regular occurrence (unless you are a mechanic). This means instead of having to act quickly and be prepared, it’s much easier to have an expert team available when you need support.

After all, the last thing you want is to start spreading the stain around beyond recovery, leading to a much more costly and difficult situation.

How Do Love2Laundry Treat Oil Stains?

Are you looking for an app that picks up laundry and can treat oil stains in a way that removes them from items completely? Our laundry app is ideal to have no matter if you are dealing with planned laundry loads or unexpected disasters, such as an oil stain.

By dealing with stains expertly, you are giving your garments the best chance of recovering from an oily encounter. This is because our laundry services works using the following steps:

  1. Firstly, a booking will need to be made for the oil-removal laundry service. We are an app that picks up laundry so the process includes confirming what you need plus your collection and return details. You can find out more information on how to use our laundry app for other purposes by clicking this link.
  2. Once our laundry experts receive the items, they will be able to separate according to laundry requirements. For oil stained items, a separate treatment and washing process will commence which follows along the lines of the at-home steps we have shared in this article.
  3. The items are then washed or dry cleaned depending on the booking. During both processes, a quality-check is carried out post treatment to ensure the offending marks have been removed whilst retaining the intended quality of the garment.
  4. Should a stain still remain, our team will repeat the process until items are in perfect, ready-to-wear condition.
  5. Items are then finished, via steaming, pressing or ironing. Once they are complete, items are returned to you

There will be certain items that are harder to treat than others, but you can rest assured in knowing that our team of laundry professionals handle every request with complete expertise. To find out more about Love2Laundry or to enquire about a specific laundry service, contact our team.


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