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The Rise of Online Laundry After Covid-19

When you think of Covid-19, online laundry may not come to mind initially, but let us tell you, it is one of the most significant industry game changers that helped thousands during the pandemic. With an added emphasis being put on deep cleaning and routine changing for everyone, online laundry services have helped combat the nation’s worries in many ways.

Although laundry is just one part of an individual’s life, the market accounts for more than £3.5 billion. This equates to a big part of household spending, with laundry being a weekly task that cannot be escaped from. By doing this yourself at home, you are not having to pay for various detergents, fabric conditioners, and ironing products, but also electricity and water.

Deep cleaning is also set to stay, with 69% of adults saying they plan on continuing long after the pandemic ends. This also affects the laundry sector, with 24% of UK adults stating that as of February 2021, they were purchasing more laundry detergents than usual and did not plan to stop. With Covid-19 able to survive for up to 5 days on fabrics, washing has become more of a necessity than ever before. 


Online laundry services have undoubtedly spiked in popularity, offering everyone a way to deal with the effects of the pandemic and have one less thing to worry about. This streamlined service allows you to deep clean any linens and clothing in a professional way that removes all germs. By treating items with industrial-grade products and machinery, you can rest assured in knowing that any injection has been eradicated. In this post, we explore the rise in popularity of laundry apps, the benefits that they bring, and why you should be using this innovative type of service to help continue to fight against Covid-19.

How do online laundry services tackle Covid-19?

At Love2Laundry, we have noticed a dramatic rise in the wash, dry and fold services we offer since March 2020. Before this, our services were still in demand, but our customers’ emphasis on maintaining a clean and germ-free home has increased significantly. This is seemingly the case for everyone, with 32% of people agreeing that they do laundry more frequently nowadays. 

Source: https://biosolutions.novozymes.com/en/laundry/insights/US-consumers-changed-cleaning-habits-more-than-UK

There is no denying that the emphasis on household laundry has increased, but why do people look to online services, we hear you ask? Well, it is not merely just the act of washing clothes that is important but, instead, the ability to remove germs from linens in an effective way. There is also the increase in popularity that being environmentally friendly has witnessed since the pandemic’s start, with 62% of people saying it is essential for companies to behave sustainably. 

Online laundry services can therefore help consumers tackle the long-term effects of Covid-19 in several ways. 

  • Online laundry providers eliminate the need for people to travel to busy locations.

This was particularly helpful during lockdowns, as fabrics could still be professionally cleaned without the customer needing to leave home. With 29% of people saying this still practice social distancing and 43% feeling worried about new variants, the benefits of an online service are still very much in demand. 

  • Industrial, high-strength but natural products are 100% effective in removing germs and viruses.

With the virus needing high levels of alcohol, bleach and warm temperatures to remove it from certain materials, it has been reported that standard household washing machines are ineffective in entirely removing any infection. The products that we can use, coupled with professional equipment, can tackle germs without damaging garments or fabric items. This is also backed up by advice from WebMD which mention that additional disinfectants and chemicals would need to be added to regular laundry loads at home to stand a chance of killing germs. Whilst this is sound advice, it does however put your clothing at risk of damage which professional products do not.

The secure way clothes are collected and delivered also means that no cross-contamination occurs, making it a safe way to launder items. During the worst days of the pandemic, this was essential to stop the spread between households and beyond. Now that we are learning to live with Covid-19, many people understand the importance of preventative measures, which is why this service will remain popular in 2022. 

  • Professional laundry services also assist corporate clients in meeting their new cleaning regulations.

It is not just households that have had to adjust to new ways of living, but also corporate clients. New regulations and standards for cleaning have been recommended by NHS England, which involves deeper cleaning for fabrics. Many hospitality environments outsource their laundry needs to a third-party online provider. This ensures that measures have been taken to create safer, cleaner spaces and that guests feel more comfortable knowing that all laundry has been professionally managed. This also saves the corporate client time, as more effort is needed to clean other areas. By removing the time taken to focus on laundry, businesses can fulfil their maintenance needs whilst the laundry is handled simultaneously.  

  • It is not just clothing that is susceptible to Covid-19 contamination.

Online laundry services have also proven a popular choice for more oversized cleaning items, such as bedding, curtains, cushion covers, blankets and towels. This task is tricky to achieve at home due to the size of normal household machines. The idea of transporting bulky items is also off-putting, meaning that these items are left unwashed most of the time. With Covid-19 being able to be passed on through transmission on surfaces, the cleaning of other household fabrics is also necessary. Online services mean that no matter how heavy your items are, they can be collected and delivered back to you, ready to use. Covid aside, this service is a popular choice as it means that items last for longer and look nicer within the home.

  • Just like traditional dry-cleaning services, online laundry services also offer additional services.

On our website, as well as washing and dry cleaning, we offer alterations and shoe repairs. Alongside the services we have already covered, this means that customers can compete with other needed tasks without having to leave their homes. Usually, these kinds of repairs could involve trips to many different stores, whereas, with our handy app, it’s all handled neatly under one app. 

Consumers love apps, with the average user opening at least 9 per day. The way that shopping is done has also changed, with 50% of people using digital devices to support their buying habits. Each of these points, whilst representing how the online service can be used to tackle Covid, also align with the convenience people look for in 2022. As people have got even more reliant on the internet for being able to do previous in-person tasks, being able to order your laundry cleaning is no exception to the trend. 

Is dry cleaning better for killing germs?

As well as normal wash and fold services, dry-cleaning is favoured more than ever before. This traditional method of refreshing clothing dates back to 70 AD, and is, therefore, a tried and tested way of cleaning clothing. Dry cleaning offers a highly effective way to eliminate germs and bacteria from fabrics for several reasons. 

Firstly, the chemicals that are used in this water-less method are of a much higher strength than household equivalents. As well as being used to remove stains and freshen up fabrics, certain products can also be used to eradicate bacteria in a more targeted way. As well as the products ensuring a deeper clean, the high heat from the steaming portion of the clean tackle’s microorganisms and viruses effectively. 

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How do online laundry services work?

The nature of how online services work mean they suit both Covid-19 needs but also the busy lifestyles of consumers. The process usually involves placing your order, at which stage you will be asked about what items are being included. If this is for a Covid or special clean, you should mention it here. Online apps then let you choose a collection and return time. Items are then taken for cleaning and returned, usually within 24 hours, as good as new.

If you are concerned about a Covid outbreak in your home, being able to tackle infected items quickly is essential, which online laundry services offer for you.

Is the popularity of online laundry services here to stay?

Based on the trends for keeping cleaner homes, and the magnitude of the UK laundry market size, we believe that these convenient services will continue to support people with busy lives over the coming years.

At Love2Laundy, whether you are booking in for your normal weekly load or an unexpected emergency, we are on hand and ready to help. We can collect within one hour, regardless of whether you are an existing customer, you can receive a quick solution to your laundry woes. Online laundry services have become popular over the past few years, and we are excited to see how other household facilities follow suit.


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