There are 6M+ Airbnb listings worldwide, 100K cities and 191+ countries and regions. There are 2M people staying in an Airbnb per night, it’s a massive market to get into and it has a positive outlook.

In the UK a massive £854M was earned by local households in 2018 with 8.4M inbound guests. There is also over 223,300 active listings. 11.1M people in the UK have used Airbnb to travel to other parts of the UK and 8.4M people have used Airbnb when coming to the UK from overseas.

The questions isn’t why start an Airbnb business, it’s where? 

In order to find out the best UK city for you to start your Airbnb business adventure we’ve researched important factors for both the owner and guests to ensure your Airbnb is on the best possible track to success. These include monetary gains, cost to set up, maintaining costs as well as what that city has to offer in terms of culture, eating out and transport.

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Best UK City to Start an .



In order to ensure the city had what owners and guests were looking for, we chose measuring factors that covered all essential needs. The factors we took into consideration for the owner of the Airbnb business were:

  • Number of staying visits
  • The average price charged per night (Airbnb reported that 2 guests and the entire place were their most popular booking so we used this across all cities)
  • Average house price
  • Council tax cost

The factors that we considered for the guests were:

  • Number of restaurants ( Airbnb reported this was a top deciding factor for guests)
  • Culture (Museums, nature parks, art galleries and sighs and landmarks were taken into consideration)
  • Transport ( Airbnb reported this also a top deciding factor for guests)

All of these measuring factors were divided by the number of staying visitors to reveal the true winning city. The Culture data included how many sights & landmarks, museums, nature parks and art gallies they had and we then divided this by staying visits. We also followed this method with the restaurant data.

We followed this method as London often appears to have more to offer, for example, London has 11,413 restaurants and Edinburgh has 941. However, when divided by staying visits, Edinburgh actually has more options for an individual than London.